14 Saturday, February 5 /1983

Bettina Shows
Mysterious Art


The News Arts Editor

Once you see Bettina Pasik’s paintings you are invited to see them time and again to try to discover che mystery involved in her works.

There is a strange something

in her pastel oils that makes you feel attracted to che unknown… and to look in the *pace for that mysterious magnet that seems to be out che window in her paintings.

Bettina is currently dlsplayhig a collectíon of 22 paintings in the Sloane Racotta Gallery. Plaza del Carmen 25, in San Ano, as an homage to the U.S. artist Edward Hopper.

Most of her pastel oils on canvas reflect an influence by Hopper. with the somehow chil­dish landscapes and her closed *paces in beautiful. bright color.

Her faceless characters, In several actitudes, sometlmes depict freedom and some others relaxatIon, anguish, meditation and uneaseness.
The overall atmosphere of her paintings shows che tranquil spirit of chis vivacious Argentina artist who has resided in severas cines seeking

«che most proper o pace for my art.»
After her present show clones on the 17th she will cake residence in New York.